Download the Freebase Easy data dump

Note: based on the original Freebase data, which is provided under a Creative Commmon Attribution License. (3.3 GB)

The dump includes: (2.5 GB)

The dump includes:

Technical Details

Transitive Relations

The transitive closure has been build for the following (pairs of) relations, as described in Section 2.4 of our paper. We have ignored the cause-of-deaths relation, since there are errors in the original freebase data for parent-cause-of-death that would make the transitive hull for that relation unusable.

Taxonomy Enrichments

Copies of the facts of the following relations have been added as "is-a" type statements to enrich the taxonomy.

Omitted Prefixes

Freebase relations starting with the following prefixes have not been extracted into our collection of facts.
They contain duplicate, technical, or experimental data.


If you'd like to use this data dump in a publication, please cite our paper.